On Thursday, December 8, along with the 250 attendees, the winners were announced at the Tweakers Awards ceremony, congratulations again to all the winners!

The Tweakers Awards is the public award for the best technology and electronics brands, chosen by Tweakers visitors. In total, awards were given out in 54 categories this year, ranging from manufacturer to service provider. In addition to the categories for manufacturers and brands, a number of community members were also highlighted in recognition of their contributions to Tweakers.

During the ceremony, hosted by Tweakers Editor-in-Chief Wout Funnekotter, after a splashy entry including light show and fireworks, you were taken through the Pricewatch data and answered pressing questions. What products does the community prefer to search on? How has the popularity of different specifications evolved over time? Which brands are popular among Pricewatch users?


Through various animation videos, you were immersed in Pricewatch data, which provided insights into visitor behavior. Watch all the animation videos via this link. After each animation, the awards were presented in groups to the winning brands, by faces familiar to many of you: the Tweakers account managers. Don’t forget that if you have won or secured a second or third position, you can promote it with the (free) Mediakit.

After the show, the evening continued in the Foyer, the time to network with peers and tweakers over delicious drinks! It was also possible to take pictures, take a look at retro tech products, or dance to the band.

Are you curious about the aftermovie of the evening? Check it out below.

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