As of 1 September 2020, we will be implementing a number of changes at Tweakers and Hardware Info. It’s no coincidence we mention both titles in the same breath, since we will join forces in order to serve the real tech enthusiasts even better. “The proposed changes show we listen to our visitors. In addition to our community, our partners will benefit from this as well,” says Bart Zoetmulder, commercial director of DPG Technology. “For both brands, an adapted approach has been chosen and we create room for innovation and business development.”


One DPG Technology editorial team

One of the changes we make, is that the editors of Tweakers and Hardware Info will merge into one single DPG Technology editorial team that stands for independence, reliability, approachability and customer focus.

Over the past years, Tweakers gradually moved towards a mainstream audience. However, we concluded that simultaneously serving both the real tech enthusiasts and a mainstream target group is very hard. It’s an approach with which we actually fall short for both target groups. That’s why we decided Tweakers from now on will focus on the real tech enthusiasts. We also came to the conclusion that the editors of Tweakers and Hardware Info are duplicating a lot of each others work. This obviously is a waste of time and energy. By using one single editorial team that creates unique content, we can achieve more eventually.

“We concluded that simultaneously serving both the real tech enthusiasts and a mainstream target group is very hard. It’s an approach with which we actually fall short for both target groups.”


We are going to focus our full editorial capacity in the field of reviews on Tweakers. Wout Funnekotter, editor-in-chief DPG Technology: “This means we will be reviewing more products at Tweakers, in more product categories than before. In doing this, we draw on the knowledge and experience that has been built up at Hardware Info, and combine the best of Tweakers and Hardware Info on Tweakers. Both sites will continue to exist, but with a slightly different layout.

Product categories such as monitors, networking, peripherals and components will receive a lot more attention on Tweakers ‘new style’. In 2019, we published reviews on 22 different types of product categories. We expect this will increase by a factor of one and a half to two in 2021. It will lead to a considerably wider reach for those product categories. Analyses has shown that reviews on Tweakers reach 6 to 10 times more visitors than reviews on Hardware Info. This means our findings on products will be read by many more people.”


Hardware Info as the ultimate platform for product news

At Hardware Info we will focus even more on product news. The editorial team won’t write new reviews for his platform. Instead, we are going to collect and publish the most relevant tech reviews from other platforms, including Tweakers. By acting as a curator, we can continue to guide readers at Hardware Info in making the best choices when they are looking for tech products. Obviously, we will carry on to support and update the Hardware Info Product Comparator (Productvergelijker).


Product reviews of Tweakers en Hardware Info

We will adjust the way we evaluate products. The scores we use at Tweakers will be replaced by awards, in line with the way products are evaluated at Hardware Info. Click here for more information. In addition, the membership of the European Hardware Association will be transfered from Hardware Info to Tweakers. The magazine will continue to exist until the end of this year, but will then stop. The type of content that you now find in the magazine will be published online in 2021.


What about AD Tech?

For the time being, no changes will take place at AD Tech. We are convinced that besides serving the real tech enthusiast even better by the forementioned changes, we will offer more value to our customers!

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