Tweakers is completely third-party tracking free as of today. The switch to Adhese’s ad system has been completed and so visitors are no longer being tracked.

Can the champagne be opened? Sure, because this is first of all a milestone in the development of Tweakers and secondly, great news for both visitors and advertisers.

Now that there are no more third-party tracking cookies, we can fully safeguard the privacy and data of our visitors. This is nice for them and hopefully they will choose not to use an adblocker anymore. In fact, most users indicated that they use an adblocker to stop tracking. Most have no problem with ads themselves. If the number of adblockers decreases, this will of course be beneficial to advertisers.

Moreover, third-party tracking cookies will no longer be found in the near future. The era of ruthlessly collecting large amounts of (privacy-sensitive) data is coming to an end, and that’s a good thing. A large number of Internet browsers have already banned third-party tracking and Google has announced that Chrome will follow suit from the end of 2023.

So Tweakers is preparing for a cookie-free future. We choose to change course early and take our advertisers along with us. We think that is better than a sudden change in 2023. For more information about the move to tracking-free and the most frequently asked questions, please visit here.

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