Black Friday will be here again at the end of November. Last year, it was the busiest day ever for iDeal (4.65 million transactions) and this year, too, higher spending is once again expected (17 billion dollars in the United States alone (!)). But what will this event be like this year? Old-fashioned long queues in front of the shops or will it still be online shopping? We expect the latter, so retailers should make sure their web shops, mobile or otherwise, are up to scratch.

The exciting thing about Black Friday is that anything can happen: every year there are surprises. In 2020, a lot of activity shifted from physical to digital shops because of the pandemic. Retailers were also faced with transport problems and delays in the supply chain. The result was that in 2020, Black Friday was conducted mostly online, with the period being spread out over several days. So, it became a marathon rather than a sprint.


Shortages remain a problem

We expect a similar approach from shops again this year. Covid-19 is reasonably under control, but shortages and delays still play an important role. Consumers are aware of this and are likely to look for the best deals earlier, which is something retailers will be responding to. So Black Friday will probably start earlier again this year but may offer fewer deals than in previous years.


Better discounts online than in-store

Online shopping is here to stay. During the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping received an enormous boost. This will translate into more people looking for the best deals online instead of visiting a physical shop. We therefore expect to find better discounts online than in-store, especially compared to previous years. We also expect more exclusive online offers and vouchers.


What customers are looking to buy on Tweakers

Based on last year’s figures, we can provide some estimates for this year. Last year marked the start of our Techdeals Alerts in six categories specially designed for Black Friday. The Televisions category was by far the most popular, with 21% of the total Techdeals Alerts configured. Notably, the Smart Home category gained the most in popularity. We expect that the Tweakers community will continue to look for televisions during this year’s Black Friday, but also that the Smart Home category will be even more important this year, both to members of our community and beyond.

Currently, Tweakers community members using pricewatch are mainly looking for televisions, SSDs, headsets, laptops, routers, access points and video cards. Items in the latter category are practically unobtainable, so a good deal in this category is guaranteed to generate a lot of enthusiasm!

As a partner, how can you best promote your deals on Tweakers this year in order to get the most out of Black Friday? Just like last year, we will have an extensive article on Black Friday. Read about the partner opportunities this provides here and view last year’s article here.

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