The Black Friday & Cyber Monday period is now impossible to imagine without: the Pricewatch, (Tweakers’ price comparer) showed growth in 2021 for the 6th year in a row. Although Black Friday 2021 did not break the records of 2020, its role as the most popular sales moment in the Netherlands and Belgium has been confirmed again. E-tailers can no longer ignore the Black-Friday period.



For example, every year we see huge spikes in visitor numbers on Tweakers and Hardware Info (2021: 179% compared to a normal week) and a 16% growth if we compare visitor numbers to 2022, during the Black Friday period. Thereby, 32% of people postpone their TV screen purchase until the Black Friday deals. A very clear signal for marketers to plan their campaigns around and during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Want more insights into our interesting key findings. Take a look! Click here for the results.

We will be happy to share the insights and results of 2022 once the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period is over.



Do you know which marketing activities work (extra) well for Tweakers and Hardware Info, during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period? Do you already have a clear idea of what you are going to focus on?

We see that engaging the community is a very powerful marketing tool. Therefore, make sure you are visible on Tweakers throughout the year and give the community a voice. Organize test panels and/or events where participants get to test and review products and be open to their feedback/suggestions.

In particular, tweakers are early adapters and like to try tech products before the general public does. They advise their surroundings, thus influencing a large group of people with their experiences and preferences. Some brands such as LG, for example, respond well to this by including the community at an early stage (for example, as early as the product launch) and thereby being visible on Tweakers throughout the year.

In addition, media campaigns, advertorials or display advertising are also tools that do well during Black Friday. And of course, promote specifically the items your target audience loves. Today on Tweakers everything is all set for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Fortunately, there are still opportunities on Hardware Info. Think Test Panels and a share of Deep dives.



What is your take on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? And what do you think are successful methods to reach your target audience? We are very interested in discussing this with you. Get in touch at or your contact and let us know what you think.

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