About a month ago, we took the step to go completely third-party tracking free on Tweakers. We would like to share the first insights, results and reactions with you, as well as the new opportunities this step offers you.



Jelle Mol, product marketeer at Tweakers, says the reactions among the community members are very positive. “We are getting praise and of course some critical notes. There is a lot of appreciation for the bold step we are taking as Tweakers to remove the third party cookies. As a result, part of the community says they will turn off their adblocker and do so. This provides additional advertising opportunities for advertisers, thus directly supporting the Tweakers platform. We also hear positive sounds about the fact that you no longer see ads for products you have previously googled. Banners that have nothing to do with technology, such as shoes, for example. Banners that really fit in the context of where the visitor is. So this is a good and positive start!



“Previously, the community asked for better protection of their privacy. We are now responding to that request. The nice thing is that we see a shift from the privacy theme to the content of the campaigns themselves. There is a critical look at the design, content, animations and even the message of the advertiser. It should not all be too much. Fortunately, we at Tweakers have a pretty strict advertising policy. We deliberately keep the number of ads in check and do not accept homepage takeovers, for example. Of course we keep listening to our community and advertisers and will follow our own ad vision”, says Jelle.

“Another interesting question we suddenly get more often is: What about the safety of the ads, like malware via the banners? Since we have become third-party tracking-free, we can say with a great deal of confidence that we serve banners very safely via Adhese. All banners now run through our own systems and people. The chance of abuse is really very small.”

Want to read user reactions. Scroll through our poll and you will see that security is an important theme.



So the first effects are positive. Take this into account when composing your marketing plan:

  • There is more banner inventory, so there is more room for new campaigns;
  • The pages on the website load 75% faster on average.
  • Before the introduction of cookie free, half of our visitors had adblockers turned on on our website. Now, one month after the launch, less than 30% of our visitors have their adblocker turned on.
  • We have asked a lot of our advertisers and visitors. But we also promised to reach more Tweakers, and we are succeeding!
  • The people we can now reach on Tweakers cannot be reached on any other website, because they have an adblocker turned on on all other websites. These people cannot reach our advertisers anywhere else on the Internet. Unique, right?



It doesn’t often happen that an initiative is good for users, advertisers and our company. It is still too early to draw any firm conclusions, but Tweakers’ switch to third-party tracking-free seems like a win-win-win. And with a sophisticated whitelist campaign, we will do everything we can to reduce the percentage of adblockers in the coming weeks, months and years. As soon as we have collected more data about our cookie-free transition, we will share it with you.

Did you miss the news that Tweakers has gone third-party tracking free? Read the article here. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact us at salesit@dpgmedia.nl.


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