While game maker Ubisoft and Tweakers have been working together for some time, this year saw the partnership go one step further. Over longer running campaigns, the Ubisoft Store and various game series were extensively showcased. A successful partnership that, if Ubisoft e-commerce manager Tony Bergsma has his way, will only grow in the future.

Anyone who is even remotely versed in gaming knows about Ubisoft. With franchises that include Anno, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, Ubisoft is one of the largest game publishers in the world. And they have been since the breakthrough on the market of the very first Rayman in the mid-nineties.

In short, not much needs to be done to increase brand awareness of the company or its games. So the start of the year for e-commerce manager Tony Bergsma was all about the lesser-known Ubisoft Store, where players (not to mention customers) can buy games, exclusive content and merchandise. ‘We saw that there was still a lot of room to grow here. For one thing, our players can save points with their purchases and if they use 100 points through the loyalty programme, they get a 20% discount on all their subsequent purchases, including pre-orders, which is quite unique. But very little use was being made of this and a lot of players have had those 100 points for a long time. That’s why it was important to bring attention to the Ubisoft Store and these kinds of extra features.’


Tweakers was a no-brainer

As a game developer you’ll quickly end up on Tweakers. Says Bergsma, ‘It’s a great platform and there’s a lot of overlap between our target groups. While Ubisoft and Tweakers have been partnering for years, it was mostly about short-term single shot promotions aimed at sales. And of course we advertise on Pricewatch. But this time, we wanted a campaign that would bring prolonged attention to the Ubisoft Store. Thanks in part to its wide reach, Tweakers was a no-brainer. It’s just one of the first partners you turn to for these kinds of projects.’

‘Players should get that “wow” feeling every time’

It’s all about the player

For Ubisoft, the player is the focus, not just when it comes to games but also when it comes to marketing communications. ‘We want to immerse players in our worlds. They should get that “wow” feelingevery time, and that’s directly connected to the quality of the message’, says Bergsma. ‘You can see this in the release of new games. We always make it a big event. We also share online content in the run-up to releases to get players excited. Think gameplay footage or story-teasing trailers. Our target group is digitally focused and mostly online, so we tailor our marketing communications accordingly. One thing is certain: originality is key.’


A trip down memory lane

In light of the above, a productive partnership emerged between Ubisoft, Tweakers and game editor Jan Meijroos. A focus of the campaign is a series of articles on the theme ‘Trip down memory lane’, which looks back at the history of popular game series. Bergsma: ‘I was always wowed by the articles Jan wrote. He is an established name in the game world and his knowledge of the field is so extensive that I learnt from it too. He also made sure to tailor the writing style to the community, which ensured the necessary interaction. Certainly a lot of community members have spent hours in those games.’

The last article in the set, about the Far Cry game series, will be published in September. This article will not only showcase the Ubisoft Store, but announce the release of a new game in the franchise.


A trip down memory lane: Assassin’s Creed


More of that please!

The trip down memory lane articles have been widely read and have sparked lively discussions. Bergsma can also look back with satisfaction on a successful partnership, even though the campaign hasn’t ended yet. ‘Obviously the articles refer to the Ubisoft Store and the results are excellent. We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of new customers who come to us from Tweakers.’ And the discount we started this article with has also been used a lot more often. ‘The way I see it, we’ll be building on this partnership concerned, we’ll be expanding our partnership even further for the future’, says Bergsma. ‘Ubisoft and Tweakers can only reinforce each other.’

Ubisoft is already in talks for campaigns in the fourth quarter of this year. Interested in learning more about this kind of partnership and what we can do for you? Contact us

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