It’s time for new insights from the Tweakers Pricewatch. Last month we showed you that consumers are mainly looking for large TVs (55 inch) in the lower price range. We also discussed 4K as being on its way to becoming the new standard resolution. On the other end of the spectrum, 8K is still very much a niche product. In this article we look at the most popular television brands and web shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. We will of course also try to figure out why LG, for example, is such a major player.

Based on the number of clickouts in the Pricewatch, we can see that the war for the television consumer is fought by five brands: LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony and Panasonic. We can safely say that the first two brands dominate the market. Philips and Sony compete for third and fourth place, while Panasonic always remains in fifth place.


LG and Samsung dominate

The front runners alternate in the different price ranges. For example, LG is by far the most popular in the lower (below 500 euros) and the higher (above 1000 euros) segment. Philips follows in second place in the low price range, followed by Samsung. In the higher segment, Samsung is in second place and Philips comes in at number three.

In fact, the lower middle segment (between 500 and 750 euros) and the higher middle segment (750 to 1000 euros) are the only categories where LG does not reign supreme. Samsung is the market leader in those categories.

We compared these figures with those of a Google Keywords analysis. This allows us to compare the average visitor of Tweakers with a more mainstream consumer. It turns out to make little difference; Google shows roughly the same results. The main difference is that LG achieves slightly better results on Tweakers.

An explanation for LG’s success on Tweakers is the company’s years of commitment to the Tweakers community. By organizing test panels and events, for example, they reach the target audience in a positive way. This long-term approach clearly has a positive effect on brand preference and appears to be more effective than using ad hoc campaigns.

Consumers choose specialty shops

The most striking insights come from our research into the most popular web shops. We found that almost half of the clickouts from users of Tweakers in Belgium and the Netherlands send them to specialized web shops. This also includes, by the way, because many specialty web shops are active on Plaza. Following, many Dutch consumers end up at Platte TV and Kamera Express. Essentially a photography store, Kamera Express took over TV specialty store Foka some time ago. However, Foka has only recently been fully integrated into the Kamera Express brand and image. This is why Kamera Express comes in at such a high position. In Belgium (besides Platte TV and TV Specialisten attract the most visitors. In short, we notice that specialized web shops are doing much better in TV sales than the established large retailers.


The importance of user reviews

It’s common knowledge by now that user reviews are one of the most important ways to generate word of mouth. In fact, research shows that 79 percent of respondents consider an online review to be just as reliable as a recommendation from a friend or family member. There is also a clear correlation between the number of user reviews and the number of clickouts per brand. The more user reviews, the more clickouts.

LG’s success on Tweakers is also reflected in the number of reviews: the most reviews in 2020 by far were written about LG televisions. Next in line are Sony, Samsung, Philips and again Panasonic in last place.

You probably know this but we’re saying it anyway: it is still worthwhile to invest in generating user reviews. You can do this in various ways, including sending out post-purchase review e-mails, offering a discount or a chance to win a prize. You should also make it easy for customers to leave reviews. For example, you can use a test panel to increase the number of reviews on Tweakers (and hence the number of clickouts).

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