When the eleventh generation Intel Core processors were introduced, the Tweakers editorial team decided to create a new Best Buy Guide (BBG) for processors. From now on, readers will receive periodic buying advice on the most important piece of hardware in a computer system.

In the case of processors, there are only 2 main manufacturers: Intel and AMD. However, both companies provide such an extensive range of products that it is easy to get lost. In addition, gamers, video editors and copywriters all have different needs and the processor should match those needs. For example, someone who only uses a PC for word processing, should focus more on pricing and less on performance. Our editors guide readers during this search and give sound advice, based on an extensive test method.


Test method

In the test lab, more than a hundred individual tests are used to put the processors to the test. The benchmarks represent a range of workloads and uses, like video and audio editing, 3d rendering, compute tasks, browsing, compression and of course gaming.


Performance score

The results of the tests are mapped in an index, the Tweakers CPU Performance Score. Each test counts equally, which creates a mix of tests that do and do not scale with, for example, clock speed, cache, number of cores, smt/hyperthreading and other factors. In the end, we are left with a realistic ranking of the best processors.

Because many gamers get their information from Tweakers, we also offer the Tweakers CPU Gaming Performance Score. In this graph, we only include results from the gaming benchmarks when a separate video card was used. The other results are less relevant for this large target group.

Price-performance ratio

Looking purely at performance is not enough, however, because the most expensive or best performing processor does not necessarily offer more value for money. This is why the BBG also discusses the processors’ price-performance ratio. Finally, we list the most interesting choices within each price category. Now the reader can make the best choice for his or her own requirements and wishes.


Best Buy, an award to be proud of

The Tweakers Best Buy Guide has provided our community with buying advice on areas such as PCs, laptops and smartphones for almost 20 years. This unique buying guide is compiled by both editors and the community: readers are invited to comment on the content of the BBGs, share insights and contribute products for the next edition. Thanks to this collaboration, the BBG has become a guideline through the extensive range of tech gear


How does the BBG help our partners?

Manufacturers and suppliers of selected “Best Buy” equipment receive a BBG Award. This allows them to notify their website visitors that their product is a “Best Buy”. As a manufacturer or supplier, you have the right to use the corresponding logo on your website and/or advertisements to promote your product.

View the BBGs on Tweakers here to see which products have won in the past and contact our marketing department to request the logo.

Before posting a Best Buy Guide logo on your website or elsewhere, we would like to draw your attention to the following terms and conditions for using the awards. If you have any questions, please contact our marketing department.



  • Use of the Best Buy Guide logos is only permitted for manufacturers and suppliers, or their representatives, of products that have won the relevant award in a publication of Tweakers. The award logos may only be used in relation to the products to which the awards have been awarded. Any other use of the Best Buy Guide logos is expressly prohibited.
  • The logo may be placed on any background, provided there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background. No graphic elements should be placed around the logo that could be distracting. This includes, for example, text, logos, images and distracting background patterns.
  • The logo must be reproduced legibly, whereby the date must in any case be legible.


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