During conversations with our partners, we find out again and again how cool it is to talk to other professionals. What starts as a chat, turns into an in-depth and dynamic discussion on a huge variety of tech-related topics. A shame really, to keep those stories behind closed doors, because our target audience probably also finds them incredibly interesting. That’s why we decided to make a podcast series with Jim Stolze in which we talk to various partners. We share these conversations via the podcast Jim Stolze & de Tweakers – a tech podcast!

The premise is simple: Jim visits tech companies (providing corona measures allow it) with two microphones in his suitcase. On location, he takes in the company’s atmosphere and engages in a positive-critical conversation. What is the story behind a service, product or employer? Which choices were made and why? Is it really that awesome to work here? And how’s the coffee? In short, there is space for a casual introduction and an extensive look behind the scenes, but the in-depth discussion is our main focus. After all, that’s why our listeners tune in every time.

“What is the most beautiful piece of code that you have written?”
“What has been your biggest f * ck-up?”
– just some questions to expect from Jim Stolze


A positive critical discussion

Jim will emphasize the positives of your company, service or product, but he will certainly prepare some challenging questions. After all, that’s what our listeners expect; they want to learn something from the podcast. You can expect a dynamic conversation about technology, with room for some debate. The result is a rich, in-depth podcast episode that is enjoyable and engaging to listen to. Jim will end the podcast by summarizing the positive aspects of the conversation and for whom your company, service or product is recommended. A subtle call to action is also added.

The first two podcasts are live! Wacth the first two podcasts.

Tell your story

For our partners, Jim Stolze & de Tweakers – a tech podcast offers an excellent opportunity to tell an engaging story. You will be given the space to explain all the ins and outs of your company or service. Do you have a technical specialty? Present yourself as an expert and claim thought leadership! The intimate atmosphere of the podcast also makes it easy for you to come into contact with a popular target group, like developers and system administrators, and to establish yourself as an interesting employer.

Recent research shows that podcasts are back and here to stay. We already reach an average of 16,000 listeners with the editorial Tweakers podcast. With this new podcast, we offer an in-depth analysis, which is exactly what our audience wants. Join us and tell your story to thousands of tech enthusiasts. All details can be found via the link below or contact us directly.

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