It’s time for more insights obtained from the Tweakers Pricewatch. In recent months we looked at the most popular TV type and where consumers prefer to buy their TV. This we’ll focus on when most people buy their TV. This Belgian research from 2016 already showed that television sales get a huge boost in the run-up to a European Championship. So obviously, you simply cannot miss the European Championship in 2021!

There are, of course, similar sales opportunities over the course of a year. Which critical moments do we have in the Netherlands and Belgium? When is it crucial that you’re ready to put your product in the limelight? And how does the number of click outs/popularity on Tweakers compare to these moments? Is our community equally susceptible to a good campaign at these times of the year?


Pay close attention to these peak moments

There are a number of events that you as a marketer have to be on top of. The main ones are:



Major sporting events, such as a European or World Cup – Like we said before, people have received their holiday allowance and the tournament is about to start. For many, this is a good moment to splurge and enjoy football on a big screen. When the tournament is underway, a second spike may appear when the Dutch or Belgian national team makes it to the quarter-finals.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday In only a few years, these American shopping holidays have gained a strong foothold in the Netherlands and Belgium. Almost all product categories see a spike in sales, not just televisions.



Product launches – The CES trade fair in January in particular is an important driver. The products which are introduced at CES will be on the market between April and May, which drives the sales figures up. It should be noted, however, that product launches are currently accompanied by poor supplies and scarcity. This is due to supply chain issues in Asia. Televisions are less affected by this, because they are imported as individual parts and assembled in Europe.



Cashback promotions – Cashback promotions normally occur throughout the year, but this category also suffers from supply chain issues. We expect that manufacturers will mainly put their older models on sale and set up fewer campaigns for new products.



Sales (Belgium) – Even though the traditional sales (solden) periods in Belgium in January and July are no longer as important as they once were, we see an annual uplift during these months in the interest for a new television.


Important months for tweakers in the Netherlands

Do the techies at Tweakers buy their televisions at the same times? Looking at the click outs in the Pricewatch, this seems to be the case. There are three peak sales months every year: January (MediaMarkt VAT days), May (holiday allowance) and November (Black Friday). Out of those three, Black Friday shows the highest sales spike by far. It’s 30 percent higher than the VAT days spike, which in turn is 20 percent higher than the weeks following the holiday allowance. When tweakers have received their holiday allowance, sales increase by 25 percent compared to average.


Top sales months in Belgium

In Belgium, Black Friday also trumps the other periods when it comes to television sales. The spike is 30 percent higher than the other sales spikes: the sales (solden) periods in January and August. In May 2018, we saw an extra peak when the Belgian national football team qualified for the World Cup. This again shows the impact an international football tournament can have.


Prepare for sales spikes

In the Netherlands, the holiday allowance, European Football Championship and Black Friday are still on this year’s calendar. Belgium also has the sales periods in the near future. With those moments fast approaching, it makes sense to set up a solid media planning well in advance.

Mind you, the competition in these periods will be fierce. So make sure to launch a striking campaign that is slightly different from the others, for example by sending out a unique message, offering attractive pricing or focusing on smart targeting.

When you advertise on Tweakers, our advertising agency “Bureau Gekkigheid” can help you develop a custom campaign with the aim of reaching your target group as effectively as possible. In any case, we recommend that you have sufficient online content ready, so that your product can be found online quickly. Consider product reviews, for example.

If you are short on resources or unable to differentiate yourself from the competition, you can consider advertising outside these periods. There will be less competition and your visibility will be greater. And also in those periods, consumers are looking for a new television.

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