Readership at Hardware Info increased 90% last summer compared to last year’s summer. Wow! How that came about. In addition to sharing news, they are now creating a lot more reviews and journalistic content. This is hitting incredibly well with readers.

We spoke with Frank Everaardt, Editor-in-Chief, Hardware Info:

Why has Hardware Info changed its editorial direction?

“We try to respond to readers’ needs and interests. We write about new topics that interest a wide audience, such as sustainability, for example. Saving energy and how to generate your own energy keeps many people in the Netherlands busy. We attract many visitors with this topic. In addition, readers remain very interested in computer components, laptops, smartphones and audio. So also on these topics we create our own content that our readers find interesting.”

“We create different types of articles, such as articles that help people make a product choice, articles about the history and development that certain products have gone through, and heavy technical articles on topics such as networking via light, customer technology and Artificial Intelligence. We quickly noticed that this is very much appreciated by readers.”

How do you tackle the reviews?

“It’s interesting to see that readers find typical HDI content about smartphones very interesting. So we put smartphones, for example, performance wise, on the rack; we test the phones extensively, can compare apples to apples with competitors. For example, how hot does a phone get? Because many smartphones can get so hot that performance drops off tremendously.”

Have you spoken to any readers about the new direction?

“Yes, we are in constant contact with our readers, especially through the website. They are very happy with the new direction. You also notice it in the serious responses we get, the compliments the editors receive and the interesting discussions held on the platform.”

Did you expect this success?

“Of course we were hoping that this new content would catch on with readers, but the fact that it went so well, even during the summer period, is really super to see. It shows that people are really waiting for this. We are glad that we have taken this path and will continue to create lots of great content for our readers. “

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