Hardware lovers have been looking forward to this for ages: a new Tweakers Testfest!The entire month of October will be dedicated to equipment, gear and especially testing, testing, testing. Users are on test panels to review the latest tech products.

Testfest is a great time for Tweakers’ community members to experience what it’s like to REALLY put hardware to the test. Through a topic on the forum, they keep in touch with each other, exchange tips and experiences and help one another to become better and better. The reviews they write appear on Pricewatch so that all visitors can read them.


Tech lovers in their element

The more than 950,000 men and women who make up the Tweakers community have one common passion: technology. Thanks to this enthusiasm, they not only advise those around them about tech products, but also generate 200 comprehensive reviews every month, which are read thousands of times.

So it’s no wonder that Testfest was a success from its very first edition in 2017. The last physical get together was in 2019, when the Testfest was given an 8.2 rating by visitors! This year, unfortunately, there will still be no physical event, but community members will still have the opportunity to test and review the latest products. We expect to be in a position to organise another physical Testfest in 2022.

Watch the Testfest 2019 aftermovie to get an impression of what it will be like then:

Icing on the cake

Tweakers community members are not only crazy about technology, but also have a discerning eye and give plenty of valuable feedback. Of course, their extensive user reviews are the icing on the Testfest cake. The most important results of the reviews are discussed in a video, the Community Review Recap. In 2 to 4 minutes, we look back on the Testfest. The Recap is also published as a front page article so that participants and other interested parties have a nice even report of the event.

The participation in the Tweakers Testfest is not possible anymore. But Click here for a full overview of the possibilities. Maybe for next year!

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