Unfortunately, Tweakers House Party is canceled this year.

The house party in 2019 celebrating Tweakers’ 21st birthday was a huge success. Hundreds of tech enthusiasts from the community gathered for a day of games, workshops and fun. There has to be a sequel. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2020 due to Corona, but on 25 September 2021, we expect to organise another great meeting. We’ve already got some amazing collaborations with partners waiting in the wings, such as claiming an area during the party!

You could describe the Tweakers House Party as a tweakers’ paradise. Our community members are immersed in everything that makes a techie’s heart beat faster: think console, PC, retro and arcade games, but also activities such as a soldering course, casino games and of course, good food and drinks.

When:Saturday, 25 September 2021
Where: Undercurrent Amsterdam
Time: 16.00 – 22.00
Target audience: Tweakers community (+/- 500 visitors)
Ticket Price: €17.50 (all-in price)

Visitors to the Tweakers 21 years House Party gave it an 8.5!Watch the after movie here:

Partner, claim your area!

The Tweakers house party will once again be found at the Undercurrent event location at the NDSM site in Amsterdam. Different areas will be set up to separate and classify the different activities (console gaming, retro games, food area, etc.). In 2019, this approach proved so successful that visitors gave the areas a rating of 8.2 !

This year it will also be possible for partners to claim areas. An excellent way to get in touch with our target audience! Together we can fill out an area. The following areas are available:

●        Arcadegames ●        Consolegames ●        Retrogames
●        Art-area ●        Food-area ●        Tablegames
●       Boardgames ●        Main Stage ●        Tasting-area
●        Casino-area ●        PC-games ●        Workshop-area



Partners can also organise a test panel in their area to introduce visitors to their products. Five participants are selected via a game element, such as the leaderboards in one of the games in your area. They get a product to take home to write a user review about.

In short, if you want to make a valuable connection with our target group, you should not miss the Tweakers House Party!

There are many more ways for partners to be a part of the Tweakers House Party. Here you will find all the information, such as partnership packages, different types of exposure and rates. Sign up quickly and join the best house party for tech lovers! If you have any questions, you can of course also contact us.

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