The 5th edition of the Tweakers Developers Summit was held from 2-5 June. It was the first time the event was entirely digital. A total of 925 visitors logged on and rated the event a 7.7!

Tweakers community manager Saskia Schoonebeek was event co-host and moderator. Like Tweakers editor-in-chief Wout Funnekotter, she is proud the Developers Summit was able to be held despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was the first Developers Summit Saskia worked on. When she joined as a new community manager, she was just able to experience the last physical Developers Summit in DeFabrique in Utrecht. Saskia: ‘I was amazed! Fantastic, what a production! Shortly afterwards, of course, we had to deal with Covid, and organisers decided to make it an online event this year. I had the honour of co-hosting with Jim Stolze for two days.’


Drones through the kitchen and imposter syndrome

From the lounge, visitors could join 53 sessions on AI, web development, security, and DevOps. In between, hosts gave talks and visitors could chat amongst themselves. ‘I personally found Kimberley McGuire’s talk really cool,’ says Saskia. ‘Kimberley demonstrated how to fly a swarm of mini drones through your kitchen. The talk was very interactive, which made you feel you could also do it at home. Very impressive.’

Bas Tichelaar of Skyworkz also struck a chord with his candid talk. He said he had regularly suffered imposter syndrome throughout his career: the feeling that you’re not as good as people think you are and that you’ll be exposed sooner or later. Saskia: ‘I was surprised by the audience’s many questions and revelations. It shows that a less hardcore tech topic also has a place here and can actually make a connection.’


Positive reactions

During the online speed dating sessions, Saskia received a lot of positive feedback from community members about the digital Developers Summit. ‘It was really funny, you get randomly matched with someone and I was paired with another woman on a speed date. She is a regular guest at the Developers Summit and also works in IT. She and other people I spoke to were impressed with the level of the talks. In the end, they rated it an 8.7. A lot of people also liked the fact they didn’t have to travel to Utrecht for the event this time.’

Developers Summit 2022

Organisers of the Tweakers Developers Summit hope to be able to stage a physical edition next year. After all, the creative possibilities of a packed venue offer visitors and partners the ultimate experience. If current trends continue, this seems a realistic option. For now, it’s just a matter of enjoying the fruits of a very successful Developers Summit.

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