A birthday, birth of a child or graduation ceremony: what would be the ideal gift? And what would you give yourself as a treat after receiving your holiday allowance? Especially when it comes to tech, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. That is why we make Gift Guides: brief overviews of interesting products to give to yourself or someone else. They appear on NU.nl, HLN and AD.nl and have a specific theme.

For example, consider the holidays or (what to do with) holiday allowances, or think of photography or gaming. We take different budgets into account so there is something for everyone. Gift Guides are useful tools for the reader, helping to quickly find a suitable gift or to gain inspiration. For you as a partner, they offer a great opportunity to bring your product to the attention of a wider audience.

Check out how the December and Holiday Allowance Gift Guide looked like on AD Tech and iHLN (to the right):


Maximum attetion among a broad public

The Gift Guides appear on AD.nl, Adtech, HLN, NUtech and Nushop, which have a combined reach of 3,9 million unique daily visitors. We publish (fixed or flexible) smarticles to publish the Gift Guides on AD.nl, HLN and NUtech. Smarticles are content teasers with the look and feel of an editorial article, with clear sponsoring and Tweakers Partners logo.

The smarticle directs the visitor to the branded article, where 10 products are highlighted. They are supported by a short description, a large product photo and a clear CTA (including price or discount). This will generate at least 15.000 views and a CTR of 25%! Adtech and HLN also feature teasers which guide visitors to the branded article.

Fixed Smarticle extension NUtech

This way, you reach a wider audience than, for example, via Tweakers. Moreover, the readers are less focused on the latest technological gadgets. This offers opportunities for products for which hardcore tech platforms don’t do justice.


Advice from an authority

Gift Guides are written by tech editors and thus reflect the knowledge and authority of DPG Technology. The editor will write about the product in an appealing way, but will also briefly explain why the product is a suitable gift from a technical point of view. This will make the reader confident that the product has been chosen with consideration. A link will direct the reader to your product page.

It is important to know the product fits well with the target group. We carefully evaluate the chosen products to ensure they are suitable for this promotion. For example, Google Nest Mini, NZXT Puck en Raspberry Pi 400 have scored excellent in Gift Guides of the past.

In short, Gift Guides are an excellent low-threshold way to generate attention for your products, several times a year!

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Nu.nl & ADR: Black Friday and Holiday season promotion month

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