The enormous circulation of Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN) and the technical know-how of Tweakers, that sounds like a successful combination. And it is! Three Saturdays a year, the tech supplement iHLN reaches all HLN subscribers. On these days, in addition to news, sports and local events, readers can immerse themselves in tech topics. Our articles focus on consumer electronics, such as smartphones, televisions and games.


Tech for all of Flanders

With iHLN we reach the largest audience in all of Flanders: the tech magazine has a circulation of no less than 319,500 copies and 1.38 million readers. This is thanks to the popularity of HLN, which is the largest print medium in Flanders. We publish on a Saturday, in order to maximize our reach.

“The Tech magazine offers us the opportunity to convert the fine, deep-rooted collaboration between Samsung and Tweakers into print. This way, we not only reach our core audience, but we bring our message to every living room.”

Michael Wantens – Digital ATL Manager, Samsung


Each edition has its own theme

HLN readers come from all walks of life. By tackling popular tech topics and tailoring them to the target group, we can make a very wide audience excited about tech. We also do this by giving each edition a theme. The topics for this year are the European Football Championship, Back 2 School and Black Friday.

View the previous edition, which revolved around Black Friday 2020 here.


Want to advertise?

For partners, iHLN offers a unique opportunity to use the largest print range in Flanders. In addition, the tech magazine provides the right context to generate attention for your tech products among a huge audience.



  • 1 page: € 5900
  • ½ page: € 3500
  • Covers 2/3/4: € 7,350 – 8,850

Do you also want maximum exposure for your tech product in Flanders? Advertise in iHLN and reach 1.38 million Flemings from all walks of life! Please contact us for further details.


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