At Hardware Info, we celebrate the last two months of the year with the Countdown. Each day in November and December, our visitors have a chance to win a cool tech product. Simultaneously, as our partner, you benefit from 24 hours of maximum attention for your brand and product, at a low rate. In recent years, 4,000 – 10,000 participants took part in the event every day!

The Countdown is a low-threshold giveaway event which lasts two months. Its popularity is no surprise: our community consists of hardware lovers with a passion for gear, gadgets and technology. That’s why the Countdown has become an annual tradition. Visitors only have to sign up for the Hardware Info newsletter in order to participate and win awesome prizes.


Premium spot

When your product is up for the Countdown, it will be featured prominently on the website for 24 hours (from 9:00 AM to 9:00 AM). On the special Countdown page, readers will find a short description of the product and instructions for a chance to win the giveaway (look here for an example). This spot has about 40,000 views per day.

We will share a tracking link with you, which allows you to monitor the performance of the campaign. “This is where you find the proof for our successful campaigns. We always like to talk about this data with our customers (such as Slide, Microsoft and Gigabyte). We are able to see exactly what visitors do and how this affects conversion rates”, said Hardware Info editor-in-chief Frank Everaardt.



To further increase our reach, we share the Countdown article on a daily basis with 45,000 newsletter subscribers and over 19,000 followers on Facebook, RSS and Twitter. And it works: you already read it in the introduction, but just to reiterate: we welcome 4,000 – 10,000 participants per day!

The Countdown begins in November and lasts through December 31. Participation costs 300 euros per day. We have a limited number of spots available and they usually fill up quickly, so contact us quickly if you want to take advantage of this opportunity! Register before 22 October to participate in the Countdown 2022.


What you need to participate:

  •  A prize worth at least 100 euros (more expensive gifts are of course allowed);
  •  A high-resolution product photo of the prize (at least 600 pixels wide);
  •  A short description of the product (approx. 100-150 words) with a URL to a website or landing page (Tips: visitors love details and specifications of the product);
  •  Commitment to send the prize directly to the winner within two weeks of the end of the Countdown. You will receive the name and address of the winner in early January;
  •  Participation in the Hardware Info 2020 Countdown costs 300 euros. This includes one day of participating in the giveaway. Rates for several days are available on request.

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