The popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday is accompanied by lots of deals.
But is every offer really a good deal? That’s where Tweakers and Hardware Info come in. On Tweakers and Hardware Info, prices are measured throughout the year. This creates order in the “deal chaos.

Once again this year we are publishing an editorial during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this article visitors will find, per product category, an overview of the biggest price dealers and deals. The editorial Black Friday article on Tweakers and Hardware Info is frequently visited by both the engaged community and fleeting visitors to ensure that the advertised deals are real bargains.



In 2020, for the first time, there was the opportunity for a partner to purchase a featured shop position within the editorial. This has been so well received the past two years that we are offering it again in 2022.

Wondering about your opportunities during Black Friday? Click here for more information.

Example editorial Black Friday article 2021

Gift Guide Black Friday

Once again this year we are creating a Black Friday gift guide where you can put your brand in the spotlight. On, HLN and NUtech we place the gift guide in the form of smarticles. These are content teasers formatted in the look and feel of an editorial article, with clear sponsorship and Tweakers Partners’ logo. By clicking on the smarticle, the visitor is taken to the branded article. There, up to 10 products are highlighted with a short description, large photo and a clear CTA (with price or discount).

This yields a total average of 14,000 views and a CTR of 25%! Additional teasers appear on ADtech and HLN to drive visitors to the branded article.

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