From techie to ambassador: convince your target audience with a strong advertorial

Enthusiastic, eager to learn and highly educated: the tech community is an incredibly valuable target audience. But they are not easily convinced. In order to gain the trust of this loyal but critical community, it’s important to present a strong and convincing story. An advertorial on Hardware Info is a very effective way to achieve this. Together with our partners, we look for the best stories to inspire the target audience.


Familiar voice

Readers visit Hardware Info on a daily basis to catch up on the latest tech news. We have found that our recognizable tone-of-voice is one of the main reasons for visitors returning to our website. That’s why we stick to that writing style when making an advertorial. As a result, our advertorials are appreciated and well read.


About the Hardware Info community

Hardware Info has a technically well-educated target audience of hardware enthusiasts, gamers and IT specialists and decision-makers who have a major influence on their immediate environment. Most of them are men and work in IT.

We receive 1 million unique visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium on the website each month.


Visualization & location on website

Obviously, we publish advertorials at a favorable moment in the week, in order to generate as much attention as possible. The advertorial will appear on the second position of the Hardware Info front page, putting your product in the spotlight for a full 24 hours. Generally speaking, you can expect your advertorial to generate 50,000 views. Advertorial titles are recognizable as sponsored content.












Do you want more than just a story about your product? No problem! You can upgrade your advertorial in several ways to generate even more sales, engagement or insights.


User survey -We conduct a survey to gain more insight into the target audience. We will present the results to you in a research report.

User review – A member of the test panel writes a user review about the product. When finished, this review can be found in the product comparison list, which increases the number of sales.

Competition – Add a competition to the article. Readers will read the article more often and more carefully. This is the perfect way to educate users about the benefits of the product.
Deepdive – The advertorial becomes an in-depth article, which our readers love. An effective way to highlight all the possibilities of a product.

Collaboration yields the best results

Of course, close cooperation is needed to create an effective advertorial. We’re happy to advise on which product to choose or on the content of the advertorial, so that we achieve the best results. The author will provide an attractive article with the correct tone of voice. A week after we have received all input, the writer will deliver a first draft. After one round of feedback, we take care of the finishing touches and we are ready to publish!

Would you like to know more about having an effective advertorial made? Contact us! Click on the image on the right for all the ins and outs and rates.

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