Consumers have been using Tweakers Pricewatch for years, in order to navigate through the available range of tech products. This provides us with satisfied visitors, but it offers valuable marketing data as well. They gave us interesting insights and we’re happy to share them with you. With the upcoming European Championship football tournament in mind, we take a look at consumer interest in televisions in 2021 and take a dive in the Tweakers Insights.

When it comes to television sets, many consumers want them to be ‘bigger and cheaper’. Over the past year, we’ve seen a strong growth in interest in cheaper televisions. Especially 55 inch televisions with a price tag of between 500 and 1500 euro’s are popular. These sets are suitable for watching at 4k resolution, have smart functions and offer a ‘more than good enough quality’ for the average Dutch or Belgian consumer. More expensive models are losing ground, year after year.

TV clicks per prijssegment



Given the high demand for cheap 55 inch televisions, the upcoming European Championship offers great market opportunities. For many consumers, this is the ultimate time to buy a new television. Therefore, a strong marketing campaign focussed on this type of television can be very successful. Keep in mind that for some customers low prices might cause doubts about the quality. It is wise to publish user reviews to win them over.



It seems Full HD is slowly coming to an end as the standard resolution. 4K is gaining ground year after year, coinciding with an increasing popularity of 55 inch screens equipped with a 4K panel. If we take a closer look at 8K, we notice there is little demand at the moment. It is clearly a niche market, with low sales figures. This is mainly due to the lack of 8K content and the fact that 8K currently is only available on very large (thus expensive) screens with sizes from 65 inches.


Televisiemarkt clicks 4K vs 8K



We believe it makes little sense to bet big on 8K. The technology is not yet accessible for too many consumers and still there’s too little 8K content available. However, it may make sense to use smart. limited campaigns – for example through keyword targeting – in order to approach the specific target group that is interested in 8K.

Make use of these insights in the television market. Next month, we will dive deeper in the way televisions perform in our Pricewatch.

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